Chelmsford High Street has always been talked about the town from their long history, which had earlier been a pub. One can find a huge difference through the photographs taken at that time and at present how the small shops like the Falcon, Chelmsford's first department store, Bonds are occupied today by Debenhams. With a rising in the population then came the need of constructing big departmental stores demolishing the old ones which first acted as pubs serving beer to all. Today using maps, photographs, newspapers and many more records provided by the ERO the history can be traced back to the 1300s.

Today Chelmsford is listed among one of the lively places that are very busy at nights with numerous pub houses, nightclubs and bars that allow customers to drink wine and beer. Some pubs have a beer garden and offer delicious food which makes the visitors fall in love with them and visit the pub frequently to spend some quality time at weekends with pals and friends. If you ever happen to visit this place in Essex town then do visit their famous pubs which are full of fun with live music, pools, darts, beer gardens, ales and restaurants that serve their la carte menu which includes delicious cuisines starting from different types of starters, main menu and at last the desserts.

Chelmsford today is easily accessible by their surrounding area commuters, visitors, dealers and planners as the old street was near to high way. Today through google maps any person can reach the most visited pub in Chelmsford that is situated in Moulsham Street and known as Aladdin's Cave for Beer Fans which offers them small to microbrewery drinks from all across the world. Things had changed a lot from past to present, and the small wine shops had taken the shape of big complexes in recent time.


If you want to gather some information regarding the historical pubs of Chelmsford then visit the London directories which let you know which public houses, pubs, beers houses, coffee houses, hotels and restaurants are still accessible even today viewing their images, mapping links and postal codes which help you reach them in the correct order.