When in and around London it is impossible to get one sight off from their lively pubs. One can't imagine a life without a pub in London as they are full of fun. It's our pleasure to introduce some of the best pubs for drinking establishments in the UK that are present from historical times to eccentric. Visit the official site of Chelmsford directories to gather more information regarding the Pubs with their latest photos, area pin codes to access these pubs. Chelmsford pubs and restaurant are known for their excellent retail services, food and beverages that are offered to seasoned drinkers be it wine or beer whenever they visit.

The Mayflower Pub: This pub is designed with wooden panelling and oak beams that make you feel you visited an 18th-century traditional English pub. Zeitgeist London: It attracts locals as well as non-locals from worldwide and serves 16 kinds of German beers on draught in 32 bottles.

Sir Richard Steele: It is known as an ale drinker's pub that provides inexpensive Thai cuisine.

Greenwich Union: This pub is one of the charming beer gardens that are popular for young ale drinking crowd.

The Earl Ferrers: It is one of the most excellent local pubs that organise several events, quiz programs and a regular book club.

06 St Chad's Place: This pub is Scandinavian Styled from the time of Victorian that is designed with substantial train-themed murals of rail heritage. The Palm Tree: If you want to taste the wine or beer of East End from the 50s then this place is a must.

Princess Louise: It is best drinking den of the 19th century, a Victorian Pub that is designed with wooden panels, a temple of etched glass and bar lamps.

The Heights: It is next to BBC's Broadcasting House along with drinks lets you watch the central London from its perched 15 floors.

The Faltering Fullback: It has 4 pubs at one place, well stocked with draught and bottled beers.


Today Chelmsford houses hundreds of bars, nightclubs and pub houses that keep attracting the locals, surrounding area people and visitors who visit London for some of the other reasons. Few visits to London for shopping spend quality time with family members and to enhance their business. When around they taste their kind of wine or beer and dine the food. Join us to find your Chelmsford Pub through Google Maps or from the above listed popular pubs from London city guide.